30 June 2013

Ocean in a dress

In April I went to the seasonal fabric exhibition in Rotterdam (Stoffenbeurs). I bought many beautiful fabrics, which I still haven't had the time to sew. The first fabric I chose to make is this stretch cotton (97% cotton, 3% spandex) with ocean print. The stand I bought the fabric from was selling only pre-cut pieces of fabrics. I bought one piece about 1.80 m (2 yd) x 1.50 m (2 panels of the print) for 10 EUR and it is a very good quality.

For my surprise, two weeks ago I was looking for fabrics online and I discovered that this fabric is from Hilco, which normally costs about 35 EUR p/m. So, this explained the exceptionally good quality but I have no idea why they sell it so cheap.


The pattern I used for this dress is from Burda 3/2009, model 107. To make the dress a bit more interesting I made the shoulder pieces out of white stretch cotton.   


  1. Wow, your dress is a real show stopper! That fabric is so gorgeous!

  2. Love love love this dress!
    I know about Stoffenbeurs and been dreaming about going there for several years now. I will do it some time for sure :-) (living in Israel, it involves flying and making arrangements...)

    1. For the last few years I don't miss a chance to visit it. I also go to the Stoffen Spektakel. It is basically the same as the Stoffenbeurs, only that it is organized indoors. Both events are traveling within Benelux and you can see their schedules on the websites (at the moment they are off for the summer).

      Anyway, I just found that you can buy this fabric online here: http://www.wolplein.nl/stoffen/hilco-acuario

      I think they also ship to Israel.

      Good luck!