13 June 2013

Watercolor zigzags dress


One day I was flipping through the pages of Marfy 2013/14 and there it was, model 3069. An interesting and yet simple dress in black and white.

I haven't ordered the pattern from Marfy, instead I made it myself. This is why it is slightly different from the original model. I changed the bottom of the skirt and the shoulders but I kept the idea of the bodice. 

I chose to make this dress because I had only one meter of the colorful fabric and most of all I wanted to make a skirt. After making the skirt I had more than half of the fabric left which I wanted to use wisely, so that I have as little leftovers as possible. My first idea was to make shorts but I changed my mind when I saw the Marfy dress. As this dress is a combination of two fabrics, the zigzags' fabric was just enough to make it. So, I did it and this is the result.

The dress fits me better than it fits my model Mariska :). I had difficulties closing the zipper and as you can see there are a lot of rimples because of the stretching of the fabric.

 Fabric notes: Both fabrics are stretch cotton (97% cotton, 3% spandex).


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